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Orientation Call

SNA Masterclass

1st App Writing

Business Launch

Cook Zoom Room

1. Orientation Call

- Register Recruit for Orientation at

- Send SFG Application (during interview or after Orientation Call)

- Activation process begins AFTER they have submitted their application

Recruit joins Band/Telegram

Recruit starts attending conference calls

YOU Check in with Recruit (CALL THEM) regularly to answer any questions

YOU Celebrate behavior you want recruit to continue

2. SNA Masterclass

Invited to Activation Steps 2-5 AFTER Quility Credentials are received

- RTW receives an overview of how to be a successful new agent

Personal Development

Business Development

Resources & Training

3. 1st App Writing Party

- Complete 1st application

- Submit app into Opt

- Submit FIF Reset on themselves

- Post celebration on Band

4. Business Launch Party

Launch your business and get ready to work!

Invest in Leads

Block Off Calendar

5. Work in the Cook Zoom Room!

Work with all the amazing people in te Cook Zoom Room

1st App Writing Party

Join your cohort and get your first app written and submitted - Mondays at 1pm EST


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